Driver Detective Kickass

Driver Detective

4 found this review helpful 5 persons. A good sequel, but not at the level of the original, 4 June 2014 the author: Lindsay United, that a new Director Helmingthis, but I liked the original, I discovered KingdomGoing Alfrom in this film, and the film remains strong, but let go of things that I really liked original kick-ass. Has this film starts out with a kick to do partnership for combating crime ButHitgirl with the school ACE and Chantale and this causes that the team under the leadership of Colonel Asuperhero stars and stripes against a new villain called the MotherFer kick-ass. Kick-ass character is now Alwaysgood and Chloe Moritz like Chantale is good if it is Chantale, but the fact was that I liked in this movie, that it not Hitgirlenough and was in the school, which I really enjoy. The MotherFer is bad and funny is really a bad cartoon but as Colonel Andstripes is impressive and is great in every scene, but this is an other negatives, the fact that not from the movie enough to Myliking Jim Carrey works, but this film was stolen by stars Thisfilm. This movie has a good story and history, but is missing a bit of comedy and the style of the original, as some of the lateral Andvillains are not really interesting heroes. However, I do not think that can not like that this movie, if you the original and Essereinteressati would like a kick-ass 3, is this film a very good time. Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and fan of comic who one day decides to become a superhero, but he has no power base for the training or tools to do driver detective kickass so. Full summary» | Complete overview. As a response to the criticism of the character of the hit-girl Grace Moretz said in an interview Chloe never spoke a single word, the as stated in kick-ass, he would be in the ground for years. You can be locked in my room up to 20. I would never say in 1 million years. I'm half girl, every day. Moretz, said that during the filming, she could bring to say at home according to the title of the film in interviews, instead of public Chiamarloil eKick Trasero-Cine. «View more» continuity: the Commons, a tyrant sees how does an SMS on your cell phone for a few seconds and then a phone call. When the red mist comes his father bear videos, the aggressor simply sees the message before the call to see. [«Read more» beginning of song] Dave Lizewski: I've always wondered why it did not before when I happened. In summary these cartoons, Movies TV shows. Do you think that a lone would be eccentric, even a costume. So is the life every day really exciting ca? Schools and offices so exciting is that I'm the only one, which has presented in this context? Come on, be honest with yourself. At some point in our lives do we all super to be a hero. Dave Lizewski: I don't know the others. This is a kind of Armenia with a history of mental health problems. «View more» you may report errors and omissions on this page to the IMDb database managers. Is tested and approved will be included in a future update. Take it by clicking on the button 'Edit' page by a step-for-step process. .